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ABP Beijing is a completed 15 million square foot development, home to around 50,000 employees of the businessnes based there. The project consists of 400 office buildings and includes apartments, shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and a hotel. Over 95% of the buildings have been sold.


ABP Northeast, located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, is the largest wholly foreign-owned individual project in Northeast China. The West Zone and Middle Zone of ABP Northeast in phase one cover an area of 500 hectares with a total construction area of 75 millon square feet. More than 250 headquarter buildings have been completed with a plan to complete a further 300 in the next two years.


ABP Qingdao covers an area of 133 hectares, with a total development area of 20 million square feet. When the project is fully completed it will be the base for more than 1000 enterprises making it the largest enterprise headquarter clustering zone in the region from which businesses will be able to connect with East China, Japan and South Korea.

Southern Yangtze

ABP Southern Yangtze is situated in the core area of Hangzhou Bay. It is the largest ABP project in China and comprises 160 million square feet of primary and secondary developments with a total forecast investment of RMB 75 billion. This is a mixed use development of 5000 buildings, principally commercial and residential, with a heavy emphasis on infrastructure and public realm. ABP Southern Yangtze will create a new scenic city with strategic importance within reach of three international airports, strong mortorway links and will become an ‘engine’ for the economic development of Hangzhou Bay.


ABP London is situated in the Royal Albert Dock, the £1 billion investment will create London’s next business district, known as “Asian Business Port”. On 29 May 2013 ABP London signed an agreement with the Greater London Authority to develop the district. The project construction is planned to start in the second half of 2014, and it will be fully completed in 2023.

First Stop London

First Stop London is a corporate landing services established by ABP London in cooperation with global accounting firm PwC to help Chinese enterprises locate in London and access the support they need to thrive, grow and succeed.

ABP, which stands for Advanced Business Parks, was founded in China in 2003 and has established an enviable track-record for developing large scale enterprise districts through significant projects. As an experienced and successful developer it has built a worldwide reputation for investing in and transforming areas in need of regeneration and so helping businesses thrive and generate economic growth.

In 2013 the company went global. It announced it was developing London's Royal Albert Dock as its first Asian Business Park, and it also declared its plans for international expansion. Through ABP Global Holdings Group it will operate across six continents - Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia. The Group's step-by-step approach will see investment and development in line with relevant local economies which will lead their economic development and create significant job opportunities.

ABP Global Holdings Group works to integrate global resources efficiently and accelerate the implementation of the global development strategy from its global headquarters.

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